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DIP3 Masternodes:

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What is DIP3?

DIP3 introduces Deterministic Masternode lists, which are masternode lists that are fully derived from on-chain data. It introduces a new transaction structure and specific types that allow the network to register and update masternodes on-chain. As other nodes will derive their masternode lists from on-chain transactions, all nodes will come to the same consensus regarding the currently valid masternode list. This means that the masternode status on your local wallet will always be the correct one.

Deterministic masternode list also introduces some new features, such as:

  • Sending your masternode rewards to an address in another wallet.
  • Delegate your voting power to another address.
  • Start your masternodes from a hardware wallet.
  • Remove the “Phantom nodes” vulnerability.

When will DIP3 activate?

The Polis Core team has set the date to activate the DIP3 masternode on October 21st on block 460280. After this date, all masternodes that are not DIP3 will not work.

What happens if my masternodes is not DIP3?

Your masternode will stop giving rewards after October 21.

How do I check the status from my DIP3 masternode?

Head to the local wallet and then to the tab DIP3. “MNO shows expired/new start” MNO can’t read DIP3 lists as of now. “MNZone shows expired/new start” MNZone can’t read DIP3 lists as of now. A tool/site to monitor DIP3 status is being worked on. Once you have finished converting to DIP3 if your wallet shows “New start required/expired” on the masternode tab you can delete or rename the “masternode.conf” file, DIP3 doesn’t use the masternode.conf.

Why do I need to generate a bls key pair?

A traditional masternode needs a masternodeprivkey, DIP3 nodes need an additional 2 keys (BLS PUB/PRIV) bls generate creates a string that has a secret and a public part. It’s a pair that belong together Put the secret part in polis.conf at the line masternodeblsprivkey= Save the public part for the procedure of registering DIP3

How can do I generate a bls key pair?

Go to your local wallet and open the debug console, type “bls generate” On VPS “polis-cli bls generate”

What if I didn’t save the bls key pair when I updated manually or with the script?

Unfortunately, you will need to generate a new pair. Remember that once you generate another pair you must save them in a safe place. You will need to edit polis.conf on the VPS with the new SECRET KEY masternodeblsprivkey=secret generated key

Do I need to make new collateral?

No, your existing collateral of a 1000 Polis can be reused.

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